Ensuring revenue growth by winning customers

In a world of rapid transformation customer expectations are changing, growing, evolving, and accelerating faster than ever before. Organizations across the globe are centered around the customer and rely on analytics, agile processes, and a test-and-learn culture to create more personalized experiences. For many companies, this requires transformation. — We at NewGen Consulting assist companies deliver more breakout and profitable growth.

Customizing sales strategies to succeed with real time insights

We ensure our customized sale strategies will equip your customer facing teams and resonate with your targeted customers. We partner with you on the insights required to make your sales strategy succeed.

We help you define compelling sales strategies that promote customer loyalty and improve revenue performance. We work with you to develop targeted pricing strategies, improve portfolio management and optimize your sales channels to deliver long-term profitability.

We assist you to grow through innovation, value proposition’s and experience. We analyze customer insights to seek new channels of growth and explore new revenue generation opportunities. Our work spans every stage of strategy development and execution from concept to final delivery.

Empowering your team to drive productivity

We assist you to analyze and optimize customer segments, build team structures that best align with your customer base, and develop a go-to-market approach that enables your front line to win.

Agile performance management approach

We set relevant and meaningful field-based performance metrics and compensation plans, and implement agile activity plans that can respond to customers’ changing needs and evolving market realities.

What we do

Our Capabilities

We develop strategies with a focus on the future
Sales planning & strategy

We make your go-to-market process more efficient and effective by designing and implementing a commercial model and customer engagement strategy customized to local & International markets, customers’ needs, and behaviour.

Sales incentives

We customize sales incentives programs as per unique business needs which help to increases productivity, reduce burden on sales leaders, and empowers your sales force to drive their own success.

Market mix

We determine the right volume and market mix of roles needed to deliver customer-facing activities considering the local & International dynamics, the best configuration for each territory or region, and how best they are organized for collaboration. 

Data analytics & insights

We analyze data and apply advanced analytics to make performance drivers visible and empower channel managers to make decisions to determine customers behavior.

How we do it

Our Approach

We have a unique hands-on innovation capability that supports our clients’ growth every day. Through our proven services, we use our extensive cross-industry experience to secure your continued success

Commercial model design

We take an outside-in approach to commercial model design, examining your customer base and most influential stakeholders, and then helping you design and implement an engagement strategy.

Resource planning

Using our knowledge of your products, customers, and their geographic distribution, we will assist you to strategically allocate personnel across locations for maximum commercial effectiveness.

Sales incentive design

Our sales incentive design focuses mainly on industry trends and are fully customized. We Assess and identify gaps in your current plans, design effective incentive plans and facilitate roll-out with the right sales strategies. 

Measurement & Effectiveness

Our solutions deliver the data and insights to help your teams direct their efforts to the right opportunities at the right time. We take a customer-centric, data-driven approach to solve sales challenges.